Seeded in 2010, the Green Institute of Hong Kong was formed as a green "think tank" which serves to unite green professionals, scholars and business leaders from green or non-green industries to conduct accountable research works and proposals with commercially viable and integrated green solutions. We are an institute of sharing.

We are the proponent of the “Green Hong Kong Campaign” which was first introduced in August 2011.

We aim to introduce the latest technology and green knowledge through strategic alliance with various stakeholders of green products or services: e.g. financial institution, educational organizations, industrial operators and customer groups.
We ascertain positive thinking as our basis to promote green education, advocate green behavior, propagate green culture, so as to create a harmonial society of sustainable development.

Our Vision & Mission

  • To promote new environmental directions and holistic approach to our existing lifestyle and economic system.
  • To strike balance between nature conservation, social costs and economic development with good code of practices.
  • To assist and speed up transformation of existing industries into green model with the latest technical knowhow.
  • To establish industry standards with different tools on Green indexes in measuring its performances and status.
  • To maintain a balanced environmental system, we strive hard to build a sustainable green economic model.
  • To promote green industry through sharing our experience and exchange of ideas, applying a positive mindset with global environmental standards thus transforming old economy into green economy.